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Vocollect Voice Solutions

Vocollect Products and Services

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Vocollect Talkman Mobile Computing Devices

Designed exclusively for voice and optimized for the worker experience. Only Vocollect offers mobile computing appliances for use in both wearable and vehicle-mounted solutions, and are purpose-built for voice-recognition in challenging warehouse environments.
  • Vocollect Talkman A700 Mobile Computing Device
    Vocollect Talkman A700 Mobile Computing Device »
    Vocollect introduced the concept of the voice-enabled warehouse, and today, as the leader in the voice industry, we offer the most comprehensive end-to-end voice solution in the world. The new flagship Vocollect Talkman® A700 Solution represents over 25 years of gathering extensive industry domain expertise and Vocollect’s ability to combine our purpose-built, best-in-class workflow process components to help you create a voice solution that meets your unique business needs, while maximizing your existing IT investment. Download Product Datasheet.
  • Talkman A730
    Talkman A730 »
    Vocollect’s A730 device contains an integrated short-range scanner, which enables workers to use both voice direction and scanning to fully optimize a process in an ergonomic, wearable form factor that eliminates workers from having to deal with a luggable device. It is small and easy to unholster for occasional scanning. A worker can even scan hands-free by speaking a voice command to activate the scanner when moving boxes with labels past the scan target while the A730 rests on a worker’s belt.
  • Talkman A720
    Talkman A720 »
    A voice device with two TCO connectors, identical to those used on prior Talkman devices. This is the best solution for customers who prefer a Talkman A700 Solution that includes support for wireless and wired Vocollect headsets and certified wired peripherals.
  • Talkman A710
    Talkman A710 »
    A wireless-only device that is the best fit for voice-only workflows in environments where operators are using Vocollect Bluetooth-enabled headsets and peripherals. This device is also ideal for vehicle-based workflows.
  • Vehicle Mount Talkman (VMT) Solution
    Vehicle Mount Talkman (VMT) Solution »
    Vocollect's Vehicle Mount Talkman (VMT) Solution improves productivity and accuracy by voice-enabling motorized vehicles in distribution centers. With the VMT solution, you can achieve a fully voice-enabled warehouse.

    The Vehicle Mount Talkman Solution includes a Talkman mobile computing device, mounting brackets, a battery adapter, and a DC-power converter. Many standard wired and wireless peripherals are already certified with the Vocollect VMT Solution.

    The VMT can be used with any equipment typically found within a distribution center (including motorized pallet jacks, forklifts, reach trucks, etc.). Adding Vocollect's wireless SRX2 headset permits the worker unhindered movement between the truck and the pickface for fast, precise picking movements.

    The VMT can be used with reach trucks and counterbalance trucks, enabling operators to pick up loads accurately and quickly without the distraction of a touch-screen data entry or a keyboard and screen. The comfortable fit of the wireless headset allows for quick head movements while maintaining focus on case or pallet movement, without needing to scan pick or supply positions.

    Learn more by downloading the Vocollect by Honeywell Vehicle Mount Talkman Datasheet.

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