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Vocollect is a leader in developing voice-recognition technologies and solutions for the warehouse and industrial environments. Download our complimentary white papers to learn about Vocollect technologies that are changing the way the world does business.

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  • Enterprise Connectors for Vocollect Voice
    Learn more about the data integration implementation options available through the available Vocollect Enterprise Connectors.
  • Optimizing Your Warehouse with Voice
    Explore how voice technology addresses key business challenges, compares it with other available technologies, and, provides an overview of the benefits a voice-enabled warehouse/DC can provide.
  • Transforming Business Performance with Vocollect Voice
    Discover why The Voice-Enabled Warehouse has proven to be a superior alternative to paper-based systems, radio frequency (RF) scanners and Pick-to-Light (PTL) systems in high velocity operations.
  • Tompkins Associates: Voice-Enable Your SAP Warehouse
    Voice technology has great appeal for users of SAP® who want to extend their logistics and fulfillment processes. It offers the promise of hands-free, eyes-free wireless access to the information needed to drive key warehouse processes, and has become an important ingredient in the success of a company's IT strategy.
  • Bluetooth in the Warehouse Environment – July 2011
    Bluetooth® is a popular technology for communications between devices, most evident in the area of cell phones. Unlike cell phones, the application of Bluetooth technology to commercial or industrial use adds complexity and technical considerations that need to be addressed as part of the IT- and operations-design process. This paper combines technical notes on Bluetooth technology with pointers on its implications when applied to the warehouse environment.
  • Making the Business Case for Vocollect – July 2011
    This paper is designed to give you the resources to speak in terms of ROI with potentially risk-averse and bottom-line-minded leadership staff. The formula offered here will enable you to present the performance and financial payback of an industrial voice solution from a variety of voice-enabled applications. This formula is easy to understand and apply, which will enable you to feel confident in your ability to sell your business case for implementing a Vocollect solution in your operation.
  • Speech Recognition Technology Choices for the Warehouse – July 2011
    This white paper reviews some of the basics of computer-based speech recognizers, including the challenges of maximizing performance. We then discuss technology choices in light of the needs of warehouse workers who use speech recognizers, and calculate the cost of recognizer errors in the warehouse environment. For one of the major design decisions – whether to use a trained "speaker-dependent" recognizer or an untrained "speaker-independent" recognizer – we demonstrate that time spent in training the recognizer is likely to be repaid in a few days by the benefit of improved performance.
  • Sustaining a Successful Voice Deployment – July 2011
    As part of Vocollect's ongoing white paper series on best practices for achieving successful voice deployments, this paper summarizes the insights and best practices gained from thousands of implementations worldwide over the past 20 years.