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The Intermec Support Lifecycle Process

Products reach the end of their Product Life Cycle for a variety of reasons. Factors may include parts or repair resource availability, technology innovation, or the products are no longer economically feasible to continue support. Intermec sets retirement dates for legacy products by taking all of these factors into consideration.

Intermec recognizes that support-milestone announcements (when a product reaches "End of Build," "End of Contract," or "End of Service") may prompt companies to evaluate their current business environment, including their device and support solutions roadmap. With that in mind, we have developed this website section to help customers manage their roadmap transitions, and to provide a clearer understanding of the assistance Intermec can offer – including assistance in migration to alternative Intermec products and solutions.

Support Lifecycle Definitions

Current Products: This refers to products currently manufactured and sold by Intermec. These products are fully supported.

Retiring Products: This refers to products that have entered into their last year of manufacturing. These products can still be purchased and are still fully supported.

End-of-Build or EOB: This refers to products that are no longer manufactured by Intermec. In some circumstances, customers can still order EOB products in small quantities from remaining inventory, but typically, EOB products are no longer available to order.

End-of-Contract or EOC: This refers to products that are no longer supported by Medallion contracts. Support may be available on a time and material basis only.

End-of-Service or EOS: This refers to products for which Intermec is no longer able to provide Technical or Maintenance service, due to a variety of reasons.

Intermec Support Lifecycle Phases
Support Lifecycle Phases: Current > End of Build > End of Contract > End of Support

Support for Discontinued Products

To find out the current support status for discontinued Intermec products and their recommended replacements, please see the additional tabs in this Discontinued Products section.

To access other support for any Intermec product, whether current or discontinued, please see the navigation links at upper left, where you can access our product knowledge base known as Knowledge Central, as well as Product Downloads, User Manuals, and more. Please visit the main Support page for descriptions of all the support options available.

If you are unable to locate the support information you are looking for, please contact Customer Support: 1-800-755-5505.

However, please note that telephone support may not be available for End-of-Service products – if you are seeking information on an EOS product, we recommend searching Knowledge Central.