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Discontinued Printers: Mobile Printers

This page lists discontinued or retired printers, including their current End-of-Life status, and the recommended Intermec replacement product. Products are grouped by device type and by EOL status.
  • Note: To quickly check whether a specific printer is listed on this page, you can use your browser's "Find" function (typically this command can be accessed via "Ctrl-F" on a PC, or "Cmd-F" on a Mac).

To access other support for any Intermec product, whether current or discontinued, please see the navigation links at upper left, where you can access our product knowledge base known as Knowledge Central, Product Downloads, User Manuals, and more. Please visit the main Support page for descriptions of all the support options available.

Mobile Printers – End of Build

Retired Product Status Effective Date Contract Available? Technical Support Available? Replacement Products
4820End-Of-BuildJanuary 2002 Yes Yes 6822
681End-Of-BuildJanuary 2007 Yes Yes PR2
682End-Of-BuildDecember 2004 Yes Yes PR2
6808End-Of-BuildDecember 2004 Yes Yes No Direct Replacement
6820End-Of-BuildJanuary 2008 Yes Yes 6822
6821End-Of-BuildJanuary 2008 Yes Yes 6822
782End-Of-BuildApril 2011 Yes Yes PR2
PB20End-Of-BuildApril 2011 Yes Yes PR2, PB51
PB40End-Of-BuildJanuary 2006 Yes Yes PB51
PB41End-Of-BuildApril 2011 Yes Yes PR2, PB51
PL4End-Of-BuildJanuary 2006 Yes Yes PW50
PW40End-Of-BuildApril 2011 Yes Yes PW50, PB51

Mobile Printers – End of Service

Retired Product Status Effective Date Contract Available? Technical Support Available? Replacement Products
4810End-Of-ServiceDecember 2012NoNo6822, PW50
4815End-Of-ServiceDecmber 2012NoNo6822
4830End-Of-ServiceDecmber 2012NoNo6822
6804End-Of-ServiceDecmber 2009NoNoNo Direct Replacement
6805End-Of-ServiceDecmber 2004NoNoNo Direct Replacement
6806End-Of-ServiceJune 2004NoNoNo Direct Replacement
781End-Of-ServiceDecmber 2007NoNoPR2