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Point of Care

Maximize Safety, Privacy, and Compliance at the Point of Care

Patient safety demands accurate identification of both patients and samples. Accurate sample identification and management processes need to begin at the patient bedside. The greater the time or distance between when a sample is drawn and when it is identified, the greater the chance for error. With Intermec rugged mobile printers, healthcare providers can record and label specimens, blood bags, medications- and even food-right at the point of care. Featuring the industry's fastest time to first label, healthcare organizations can benefit from a quicker approach to patient care. Our media options include labels that maintain readability and quality from collection to final disposal, under the toughest environments. Intermec handheld computers ensure that healthcare professionals can capture and use the information they need on the spot. And Intermec computers also support voice communications, so when it's an emergency, contact can be made without needing an additional device. With a leading range of wireless connectivity and security protocols, healthcare providers can be sure Intermec's solutions are compatible with existing networks for easy, seamless deployment.
Product Spotlight

Ideal for applications demanding a compact form factor and no-compromise ruggedness.

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Offers tailored solutions for healthcare, as well as SMB manufacturing environments.

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Designed with the hospital environment in mind.

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Engineered to provide excellent print quality across a broad range of application needs.

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Easy-to-use, portable, rugged, and supporting a wide variety of apps.

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General Duty

Simple, reliable and affordable scanning for day-to-day operations.

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Tools and utilities to develop software for Intermec hardware.

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In-premise and in-field device management made easier and faster.

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Protect your mobility investments.

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Comprehensive depot and onsite-repair.

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