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It all starts with the label. From shipping labels to permanent product identification, Intermec has you covered.

Intermec printers and Intermec media are leaders in their field. When you combine the two, you experience a sum greater than its parts: Intermec printers and media are truly better together. With over 300 raw materials to solve challenging applications, all confirmed compatible with Intermec printers, we have the label and tag solution you require. Combine this with our wide range of Take From Stock products, global reach, and technical expertise, Intermec is the only label and tag provider you will need.

Our fully-equipped on-site laboratory enables us to thoroughly evaluate material performance. We understand product performance and make product recommendations based on characteristics such as print quality, durability, adhesive performance, regulatory compliance, and environmental conditions.

Intermec provides significant cost savings to our customers. We have an extensive tooling library to reduce initial investment costs. Intermec's printhead replacement program provides real savings on the printer's most significant wear component. We can offer this gold-standard program because we have conducted thorough, longterm testing of our media through our printers. Customers also experience reduced downtime and lower repair costs as a result of this program.



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Tool Spotlight - Food Traceability

Leading Media Products - Food Traceability (PDF) »
Food traceability systems enable end-to-end supplyu chain visibility. Having the right label or tag product for each application is critical to the success of these systems. This tool provides an overview of the typical applications within the food traceability vertical market and the specific Intermec product solutions for each application. With this tool, selecting the right part number is easy and intuitive.

Traceability Labeling for Food Manufacturing (PDF) »
When the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was signed into law on January 4, 2011, it signaled intent for the FDA to transition from contamination response to prevention. As the broad-reaching changes are fully implemented, they will include requirements for food facilities to proactively integrate plans for corrective action. An effective traceability system provides a foundational element for compliance with impending mandates. Additionally, without an effective traceability system, the negative impact of a potential recall is multiplied.

Cold Chain Labeling (PDF) »
The cold chain industry faces a standard set of challenges to improve efficiencies, optimize inventory turns, and maintain profitability in a highly competitive environment. However, these are supplemented with increasingly stringent government regulations, the requirement to maintain a highly consistent controlled environment across all four seasons, and the need to document flawless performance when managing sensitive products such as perishable food and pharmaceuticals environment across all four seasons, and the need to document flawless performance when managing sensitive products such as perishable food and pharmaceuticals.