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"I've been following Intermec for a couple of years now. They're one of those quiet companies that you rarely hear from, generally because they're far too busy actually delivering world class rugged mobile computing systems."

—Ewan MacLeod, Mobile Industry Review

Work Behind the Scenes

You may hear our industry referred to as "Automatic Identification and Data Capture" (AIDC). We invent tools such as handheld computers, wireless networks, and printers and scanners for bar codes and RFID tags. We devise systems that enable businesses to track inventory and manage supply chains on a global scale. In other words, we create solutions to collect crucial pieces of data, and then we ensure people can get that data when and where they need it.

We prefer to think we are in the business of making life safer and more productive for the millions of professionals worldwide who depend on Intermec solutions every day.

That means enabling foremen at retail behemoths like Walmart to manage million-square-foot warehouses with no loss and no accidents. It means giving engineers at aerospace giants like Boeing the tools to ensure parts gathered from all over the world are assembled correctly. And it means helping public servants like the EMTs of the Seattle Fire Department reduce triage time to 10 seconds per patient during emergencies.

Beyond Invention: We Build Communities

We love to research and develop – it's what we're founded on – but we love to help people, too. Intermec has never been just a gadget house. Time and again, customers and analysts praise us for our unique dedication to service, ensuring every job gets done right.

Not surprisingly, that dedication takes us beyond our offices. We believe in building strong communities, both through our commitments to causes like Big Brothers / Big Sisters and events such as our annual global "Day of Caring."

We can't help but be proud of our Intermecers whose dedication to service has earned an Outstanding Philanthropic Organization Award, and whose generosity includes approximately $750,000 annually in charitable donations via the Intermec Foundation.

A Few of Our Greatest Hits

We still like to think of ourselves as a 40-year-old startup. We started that way in 1966, a tiny shop in the Pacific Northwest known as Interface Mechanisms, busily inventing many of the earliest technologies in the budding bar code industry.

Since then, we've grown a bit – now we employ people worldwide who assist enterprises such as IBM, NASA, Toyota, Tesco, Samsung, Coca Cola, FedEx, 3M, and GE, to name a very few.

In fact, at this point we hold more patents than you can shake a stick at – more than 750 in active use – many central to ubiquitous technologies such as smart batteries and personal area networks (what Bluetooth® is based on), not to mention mobile computing, voice recognition, and RFID.

With our recent acquisitions of brilliant innovators such as Vocollect, Vocollect Healthcare Systems, and Enterprise Mobile, we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible.

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