cN70 solution

CN70 Mobile Computer

You are not alone. Even when you’re in the field.

Presenting the new ultra–rugged solution created for Field Service & Transportation/Logistics applications, as well as direct store delivery jobs. The CN70 is at home in demanding environments, where its industry–leading performance, incredible durability and low power consumption can actually reduce overhead.

Its superior scanning performance and improved ergonomics lead to increased efficiency, while its extensive communication ability meets the needs of in–field workers. In fact, when you make the CN70 your mobile device, achieving your goals becomes a whole lot easier—and far more profitable.

CN70 Key Features.

  • Power–packed mobile computing in terms of size, weight and ruggedness
  • Indestructible Numeric and QWERTY keypad options
  • Exceptional battery life for long device runtime without extra size and weight
  • Advanced barcode imaging technology with motion tolerance for fast scanning and white illumination with laser aiming for high read rates
  • Brilliant display with extended life touch panel
  • On–board diagnostics provide device health visibility and reduce downtime
  • Full compatibility with printers, application software, communications, and a complete set of peripherals and accessories enabling a comprehensive enterprise business solution
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