Parcel Delivery

Customers depend on you. You need to depend on your mobile devices.

Protecting existing business while growing new business, as well as keeping your teams working efficiently. The requirements of Parcel Delivery are big, and the 70 Series is up to the challenge. Because the 70 Series family of products delivers increased efficiencies, incredible durability, real–time location and the benefits created by point of work automation. In a business where seconds count, you can count on the 70 Series.

Parcel Delivery Challenges

  • Improving customer service
  • Improving SLA (service level agreement) compliance
  • Correcting invalid and unknown addresses
  • Overcoming weather extremes
  • Reading damaged barcodes
  • Achieving operational efficiencies

Overcome the Challenges for Your IT Department

Juggling multiple devices, vendors and service contracts can distract from your goals of operational efficiency and profitability. With its single–platform approach, the 70 Series is unique in delivering the benefits that come with one architecture, one software build, one set of peripherals and one charging system. It brings simplicity to the frequent tasks of software updates, training new employees, managing spares pools and charging devices.