Field Service & Transportation/Logistics

Get it right the first time. Every time.

Today’s mobile worker needs to get the job done right—right now. Spotty wireless coverage, weather extremes, lack of information, damaged barcodes, limited training and heavy device wear–and–tear are all working against them.

Whether it’s providing help to new Field Service techs that improves fix rate and repair time, or a transportation worker completing pick–up and delivery on time, the 70 Series family of products is the next–generation, ultra–rugged solution made to meet the challenges of Field Service & Transportation/Logistics applications—with next–generation features that save valuable seconds and deliver unparalleled reliability. In fact, the more you need out of your mobile computer, the more you’ll use the 70 Series.

Field Service & Transportation/Logistics Challenges

  • Improving first–time fix rate on service calls
  • Maximizing worker uptime and efficiency
  • Optimizing a leaner work force
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Building repeat business
  • Delivering greater on–board and remote resources

Overcome the Challenges for Your IT Department

Juggling multiple devices, vendors and service contracts can distract from your goals of operational efficiency and profitability. With its single–platform approach, the 70 Series is unique in delivering the benefits that come with one architecture, one software build, one set of peripherals and one charging system. It brings simplicity to the frequent tasks of software updates, training new employees, managing spares pools and charging devices.