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RFID Services

Intermec provides RFIDeploySM services for RFID solution optimization and customer satisfaction. Without engaging RFID-related professional services, the successful performance – and so, the ROI – of any RFID technology implementation beyond a simple slap and ship application is seriously jeopardized. It would be wonderful if RFID technology was simply plug and play. The reality is, even for an apparently uncomplicated implementation of this technology, there are literally hundreds of variables which need to be analyzed and taken into account. The successful management of the physics of RFID (for instance, the physical characteristics of radio waves, materials, and the surface consistency of those materials), is absolutely critical for system success, not to mention optimal system performance. The best-designed, most robust RFID devices cannot perform optimally within a particular environment unless they have been configured, tuned and installed particularly for that environment and its related variables.

Some services may not be available in your location. Please check with your local service representative for availability.

  • RFID Feasibility Analysis
    RFID Feasibility Analysis
    Low-risk, high-level RFID study of user’s business goals and process environment.
  • RFID Process Analysis
    RFID Process Analysis
    Confirm RFID business case assumptions and set success criteria appropriately.
  • RFID Site Analysis
    RFID Site Analysis
    Pilot RFID technology and confirm successful performance under your conditions, in your environment.
  • RFID Site Installation
    RFID Site Installation
    Confirm the successful performance of your new RFID technology system and take proud ownership.
  • RFID Performance Guarantee
    RFID Performance Guarantee
    Engage the three post-business-case RFIDeploy services from Intermec and receive our 18-month system performance guarantee.