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INcontrol – INcommand

Get a holistic, integrated view of your wireless network and all devices on itwith Intermec INcommand: From the INcontrol Center, Intermec's highly skilled technical team monitors the entire network in real time, allowing them to identify and respond to issues immediately.

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Take Control of Devices and Networks with Intermec INcommand

Looking for a flexible, yet more robust mobile device and wireless network management platform tailored to meet your specific business requirements? Need to shift CapEx costs to OpEx? Look no further than Intermec INcommand, the most comprehensive and flexible component of Intermec's INcontrol managed services portfolio. With the addition of wireless network management, this solution takes integrated device management to a whole new level.
  • Note — "Try it Now" licensing is available for each of the INcontrol solution components, providing trial usage of these higher-tier solution features for a limited period of time.

Customized Management of Mobile Devices and Wireless Networks

Whether your devices run on a WLAN or WWAN network, INcommand is the right device management solution for you. The Intermec INcontrol managed services portfolio increases device, asset and network visibility, optimization and management capabilities through an integrated and easy-to-use Web-based platform.

The INcommand solution shifts the proactive monitoring and management of all wireless network devices and assets to highly skilled Intermec technical experts to provide maximum uptime, operational integrity and system reliability. The highly flexible and customizable platform allows for comprehensive device management capabilities matched to your business needs.

INcontrol technicians will remotely monitor your WLAN status and signal strength to ensure the ongoing integrity of your network and associated devices. They will also track data usage through the WLAN interface and provide WLAN troubleshooting, including the ability to dynamically determine a device's location by network association. The INcontrol team also can monitor WWAN signal strength, data usage, SMS, email and phone history.

INcommand provides 24/7 access to the Intermec INcontrol Center for device and network troubleshooting, as well as priority role-based access to the online INcontrol Console. Network outage alerts and other specialized alerts can be sent out to all devices or specific groups of devices efficiently. Online reporting capabilities allow you to effortlessly pull exactly the asset data needed whenever it's needed to facilitate improved communications across the organization.

Are You INcontrol of Your Assets?

INcommand is just one of three integrated device management solutions that make up the Intermec INcontrol managed services portfolio. INcontrol consists of INview, INsync and INcommand, and provides IT and Operations managers with improved visibility, intelligence, real-time monitoring and customized management of device and network components via an interactive, Web-based Command Console.

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