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EV15 Scan Engine

Combining compact size and exceptional scanning performance, the EV15 is the decoded version of the Intermec best-selling EV10 engine. The EV15 is based on the Intermec patented bi-linear CMOS sensor using state-of-the-art Active Pixel Sensor (APS) technology.


Product Profile

EV15 Downloads

Download Size Notes Date Registration Req.
SmartWedgeLite ver. 1.01.0 1.8M SmartWedgeLite is a free software wedge from Intermec that converts the data from any Bluetooth scanner or Serial device (hard wired RS-232 or Virtual Com) into keystrokes on your PC.
See the tutorial about SmartWedgeLite at this link.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013
Developer Tools
Download Size Notes Date Registration Req.
Scan Engine SDK Version 1.6 ver. 1.6 49.3M Software development kit for Intermec Decoded Scan Engines. Wednesday, September 18, 2013 X
Download Size Notes Date Registration Req.
WinFlash ver. 794 Kb Firmware download software. This is the stand-alone version of the WinFlash software which is integrated in EasySet, Click to install the WinFlash software. Monday, January 17, 2005
Standard Firmware
Download Size Notes Date Registration Req.
Firmware image ver. A41P135_ 254KB Official release, ready for production.
Compatible for EV15, EV12, EV12+
Main changes since prev. version (A41P121_) :
- Bugfix in data editing
- Bugfix : Autostand trigger mode and power hold mode conflict
- Bugfix : Data editing was not correctly done with postamble
- Bugfix : Silent mode and trigger continuous mode
- Bugfix : Code Composite not correctly read with an EV15
- Bugfix : Added comparison with flash memory before writing config to it
Tuesday, January 6, 2009

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