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ED40 High Performance 2D Decode Board

The Intermec 2D Imager range is now supported by the smallest USB 2.0 decode board available, the ED40: it offers high speed data transfer of videos or images and it also increases scanning speed. With the smallest dimensions in its class, ED40 helps reducing the size of your solutions. It is plug-compatible with our 2D Imager engines & the ED30 standard decoding board: you can more easily match any new demand from your customers.


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  • EA21 Megapixel 2D Imager
    EA21 Megapixel 2D Imager
    By combining 2D barcode scanning and Megapixel document imaging into a pico size form factor, EA21 is the ideal solution for mobile products with the most stringent mechanical constraints. This provides freedom in your total product design to achieve the smallest and lightest result possible.
  • EA20X Extended-Range 2D Imager
    EA20X Extended-Range 2D Imager
    EA20X is the first compact, fixed-focus extended-range 2D imager. It is ideal for intensive mobile applications requiring extended range and intensive scanning. Designed with interchangeability in mind, it is plug compatible with the Intermec EA11 and EA21 2D Imagers.
  • EX25 Near/Far 2D Imager (3rd Generation)
    EX25 Near/Far 2D Imager (3rd Generation)
    The EX25 from Intermec is the industry's first near/far bar code 2D imager featuring unparalleled flexibility to read 1D and 2D bar codes, omni-directionally at distances from 6 inches to over 50 feet (15cm to 15m). This 3rd generation of revolutionary scanning technology translates into significant increases in user productivity.
  • ED30 Standard Performance 2D Decode Board
    ED30 Standard Performance 2D Decode Board
    Powered by Intermec patented decoding, ED30 offers exceptional scanning performances on 1D and 2D barcodes. ED30 offer RS 232 TTL high speed industry interface and is compatible with Intermec 2D Imager range and the ED40 High Performance decode board, so that developers can leverage their design efforts.