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The EA20X Extended-Range 2D Imager has reached End-of-Build status and is discontinued. The recommended replacements are the N5600 Series of Miniature Area-Imaging Engines. Please see the EA20X overview page for further details, including access to product support and replacements.


Product Profile


EA20X Extended-Range 2D Imager: End of Build as of January 2014

Please visit our Support / Discontinued Products section »

Recommended Replacement Products

Recommended replacements for the EA20X Extended-Range 2D Imager include:
  • N5600 Series of Miniature Area-Imaging Engines
    N5600 Series of Miniature Area-Imaging Engines »
    Honeywell’s N5600 series OEM miniature imaging engines are built with advanced Adaptus® 6.0 Imaging Technology. These OEM scanners feature a custom image sensor specifically designed for barcode and optical character recognition (OCR) font reading, the industry’s first color imaging option and a new decoding software architecture for reading hard-to-read barcodes. Engineered to meet the demanding needs of OEM integrators and their end users, N5600 scan engines deliver superior data capture performance for a variety of applications.

About End-of-Build (EOB) Status

This product has reached its "End-of-Build" or EOB phase. EOB status means that this product is no longer manufactured by Intermec. In some circumstances, customers can still order EOB products in small quantities from remaining inventory, but typically, EOB products are no longer available to order.

For more details on the Intermec End-of-Life (EOL) Process, please visit our Support / Discontinued Products section, where you'll find additional information about discontinued products and their recommended replacements, as well as Product Support for both current and EOL products, including our product knowledge base known as Knowledge Central, Downloads, Manuals, and more.

The original data for this product has been maintained below for your reference, and for comparison with newer products.

Archived Product Data for the EA20X Extended-Range 2D Imager (Discontinued)

  • The first compact extended range 2D Imager – Ideal for mobile applications requiring longer reading ranges
  • Best in class scan rate (60 frames/s) – Designed for intensive scanning and productivity
  • Reads 1D and 2D symbologies omnidirectionally – Complies with new industry standards and future proofed
  • Plug compatible with Intermec EA11 and EA 21 2D Imagers - Leverages your design efforts and provides interchangeability
  • Highly durable design – Built to withstand harsh environments
  • Highly visible laser aimer – Enhanced comfort in use, from total darkness to bright sunshine environments

Product Overview

The Intermec EA20X is the first 2D bar code scan engine on the market that combines the future proofing of 2D imaging with the extended reading range of a 1D laser scan engine (up to 80cm/31.5in on a 0.5mm/20mil 1D bar code). It is the ideal 2D scan engine for mobile solutions, particularly for in-premise applications (picking and put-away, inventory management, shipping and receiving, cross-docking applications).

Powered by Intermec patented decoding and leading edge hardware, EA20X is designed for intensive scanning usage and reaches 200 scans (1D mode) and 60 scan/s in (2D mode): Productivity is ensured. The EA20X scans 1D, 2D, composite and postal codes; it also captures images and successfully copes with high resolution, damaged, poorly printed or overlayed codes.

Industry standards are driving a fast adoption of 2D symbologies across multiple industries: Choosing the EA20X 2D scan engine ensures long term investment protection as it reads any standard 1D and 2D bar code.

However, in many applications the range of a standard 2D imager is too limited. The EA20X solves this issue by providing the advantages of a 2D scanner without compromising on the range.

The EA20X joins the Intermec 2D family of engines and is plug compatible with the popular EA11 and EA21 engines. Developers can leverage their design efforts as well as their market breadth with the highly popular interchangeability of these engines. Everything has been done to simplify the integration of the EA20X engine: Compact size, low power operation, and industry-standard interfaces.

The EA20X is available with two options on decode platforms. The ED30 for standard performance, simple interface and most economical. The ED40 where applications, interfaces and performance are more demanding. ED40 is the smallest USB 2.0 decode board in the industry: It not only increases decoding performances but also supports applications such as video and image capture.

The EA20X shares the same Intermec Scanner Control Protocol as the other Intermec engines allowing end users to leverage their integration and design efforts across multiple OEM product platforms, reducing time to market and promoting easier product migration.

Intermec chooses a highly visible laser aimer to ensure that the user can easily target the barcode to read, even at long distances: Equipped with both a laser pointer and a four-corner framer, EA20X improves scanning productivity and accuracy. The EA20X is built to work in the most hostile environments. It operates from total darkness to full sunshine over a large temperature range and complies with the most stringent standards for shock and vibration.

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