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Intermec InterDriver for Windows

Intermec InterDriver™ is a high-performance Windows® driver that that leverages ActiveX Controls to enable printing from any Windows application, offering simple, intuitive bar code creation and superior printer throughput. Bi-directional support and a real-time status monitor provide full control over the printing process and ensure maximum uptime.


Intermec InterDriver Technology

  • Available for immediate download, free of charge
  • Supports a wide range of 1D and 2D bar code symbologies
  • Speeds printing by using printer-resident bar code data
  • Provides easy configuration for symbology, text, font, and orientation via a graphical WYSIWYG interface
  • Eliminates the need for additional applications, bar code fonts, or add-on tools
  • Inserts high-quality, scannable bar codes into documents by sending command-language sequences to the printer (rather than merely inserting bit-mapped graphics)
  • Enables the printer to deliver high throughput while maintaining excellent print quality
  • Uses fixed data, serialized data, data from a database, or data through a programming interface


Until recently, bar code printers have lived exclusively in a proprietary environment – which had its advantages in a world of discreet systems. But as interoperability and open standards have become the norms of the industry, bar code printing technology has had to migrate to operate seamlessly within the enterprise. IT professionals no longer have the bandwidth to support dozens of proprietary systems.

Intermec is an industry leader in developing open standards for bar code printing. From connect-and-print technology to Ethernet connectivity, Intermec has set the pace for open standards. One area Intermec has been focusing on is utilizing a variation of Windows drivers that incorporates ActiveX controls to manage the design and printing of bar code labels. This has led to the development of Intermec's robust and versatile InterDriver.

What is an InterDriver?

An InterDriver is a sophisticated Windows driver developed by Intermec that supports a wide range of functions on Intermec's thermal printers. These features include printing bar codes built into the printer (instead of printing them as bitmaps), automatic serialization, and the storage and reuse of the parts of your labels that don't change from one to the next. With Intermec InterDriver plus ActiveX Controls, you need no additional applications to enable your end users to create and print bar code labels.

Intermec's InterDriver with ActiveX Controls is a ready-to-run component that you can use to print bar codes from Windows Microsoft Office (e.g. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft Access) or other popular Windows applications (e.g. Visual Basic). With it, you can easily add bar code printing capability to Microsoft Windows applications without using bar code fonts or other add-on tools. Intermec's ActiveX Controls display the bar code symbol as a graphical representation on your PC screen.

In other words, with the help of Intermec InterDriver – free of charge – creating and printing a bar code label from any Microsoft Office application is now an easy task that requires no special knowledge or training.

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