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2D Decode Boards


Leverage the Power of the Industry's Imaging Leader

Intermec 2D decode boards offer top-of-the-line scanning performance and high-speed data transfer in the smallest and most durable designs. Plug compatibility across the entire range of Intermec 2D optics ensures the most flexible solution set in the industry, from the industry's imaging leader.
  • ED30 Standard Performance 2D Decode Board
    ED30 Standard Performance 2D Decode Board »
    Powered by Intermec's patented decoding technology, the Intermec ED30 offers exceptional scanning performance on 1D and 2D barcodes. The ED30 includes the RS 232 TTL high-speed industry interface, and is compatible with the entire range of Intermec 2D Imagers, as well as the ED40 High Performance decode board, so that developers can leverage their design efforts.
  • ED40 High Performance 2D Decode Board
    ED40 High Performance 2D Decode Board »
    The Intermec ED40 offers you the speed of the USB 2.0 interface within the smallest market form factor. As part of the Intermec 2D scan engine range, it is plug compatible with all Intermec 2D optics for increased flexibility and reduced development time.
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