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Intermec Browser (IB)

Intermec Browser (IB), the next generation of Intermec's popular data collection and lockdown browser (formerly known as iBrowse) and part of Intermec Client Pack (ICP), is a lockdown Web browser created for enterprises who wish to utilize Web-based applications, but want to control their users' access to the Web.


Product Profile


  • Lockdown browser for control over program flow
  • Optimized for Web-based data collection applications
  • Supports remote configuration and cold boot assistance
  • Supports HTML, XML and JavaScript
  • Provides more screen real estate for applications
  • Controls on-screen keyboard
  • Maintenance plan available for ongoing support
  • Part of Intermec Client Pack


Intermec Browser is the next generation of Intermec's popular data collection browser (formerly known as iBrowse). Intermec Browser is a lockdown Web browser created for customers who wish to utilize Web-based applications but do not want to give complete access to the World Wide Web to users. Intermec Browser restricts user access to other applications, Web sites, and components of the operating system. There is no address bar, so users can only access the links provided on the "Home" page. Also, users are unable to exit the browser to access other applications or the Start menu. Companies have more control over program flow to create directed applications with Intermec Browser, thereby removing confusion from the end-user.

Optimized for Data Collection

With features such as custom meta tags for bar code scanning and the ability to update settings remotely, Intermec Browser provides a browser environment suitable for the unique demands of enterprise data collection applications. Intermec Browser also ensures your settings will be maintained in the event you need to reset your Intermec handheld computer.

Custom meta tags allow developers to directly control features of the device such as the bar code scanner. Intermec Browser includes functions for controlling the scanner, setting scanner symbologies, enabling or hiding the onscreen keyboard, updating the Intermec Browser configuration, and more.

A custom Edit control is also provided to extend the standard edit box. This control allows developers to enable and disable the scanner when the text box loses focus and automatically move focus to the next field when a scan is completed.

Battery status and signal strength are critical indicators for directed uses and completion of regular tasks. Intermec Browser includes a battery-power indicator and a signal-strength indicator on the tool bar to always keep your end-user informed and to ensure data integrity.

Maintenance Plan

Keep up to date with the latest releases and maintain your right to product support beyond the warranty period by purchasing an annual maintenance plan. The Intermec Browser annual maintenance plan is easy to purchase and easy to use.

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