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Session Persistence Server (SPS)

Intermec Session Persistence Server (SPS) is a software product that maintains terminal emulation sessions as mobile computers running Intermec's terminal emulation software roam in and out of WLAN coverage.


Product Profile


  • Session persistence for mobile computers
  • Prevents loss of data and time
  • Provides seamless workflow for WLAN environments
  • Support for multiple sessions and up to 8 different hosts
  • Compatible with multiple emulation protocols
  • Maintenance plan keeps releases current


With Intermec Session Persistence Server in place, users will not need to worry about data or session loss when WLAN coverage fails. The product will store and forward data from hosts bound for terminal emulation sessions running on devices currently out of WLAN range. It also responds to keep alive requests from hosts on behalf of these devices. In addition, it allows an out-of-range mobile computer to collect data while out of range and then forward that data in proper order via the Intermec Session Persistence Server back to the appropriate host when back in range.

Power in Simplicity

Sometimes simplicity is the best policy. The router gateway approach taken by the Intermec Session Persistence Server provides a clean, stable, and high performance solution to session persistence for terminal emulation sessions. It also provides some unique data capture store and forward features. Our distributed solution is much more agile, puts much less load on the server, provides the capability to quickly add features and is much more cost effective than running Telnet emulation on the host with a slave application on the handheld.

Maintain Many Connections

The Intermec Session Persistence Server can connect to up to 8 different hosts. It can persist multiple sessions per device and up to 1,000 simultaneous sessions in total across all connected mobile computers.


Intermec Session Persistence Server requires a Windows XP machine or a Windows Server 2003 machine, the SmartSystems Foundation Server v3.22 or later, and mobile computers running TE 2000 version 8.30 or above or Intermec Terminal Emulator 1.0 or above.

TGAP Replacement

The Intermec Session Persistence Server maintains sessions that use VT/ANSI, 5250, or 3270 emulation. The functionality in the current version is a replacement for TGAP. Intermec will continue to enhance the new Intermec Session Persistence Server with additional features in the future.

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