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Emulators and Browsers


Always On: Thin-Client Applications for Your Mobile Workforce

Emulator and Browser products extend hosted applications to mobile users. Access hosted applications using terminal emulation, or access Web-based applications using a data-collection browser. Emulator and Browser products support enterprise data-collection needs, including bar-code scanning and RFID.

  • Intermec Client Pack (ICP)
    Intermec Client Pack (ICP) »
    Intermec Client Pack (ICP) includes both a data-collection terminal emulator (Intermec Terminal Emulator) and a data-collection and lockdown browser (Intermec Browser). These are designed for Intermec computers, and provide common clients across multiple device architectures. One ICP license allows you to run both the terminal emulator and browser or either of these on one device.
  • ICP - Intermec Terminal Emulator (ITE)
    ICP - Intermec Terminal Emulator (ITE) »
    Intermec Terminal Emulator (ITE), part of Intermec Client Pack (ICP), is the next generation of Intermec's popular terminal emulation client (formerly known as TE 2000) designed for enterprise-level data collection. It provides a consistent user interface and a common menu structure to simplify the use and management of applications running on Intermec mobile and wireless computers that run terminal emulation within 3270, 5250 and VT/ANSI environments.  
  • ICP - Intermec Browser (IB)
    ICP - Intermec Browser (IB) »
    Intermec Browser (IB), the next generation of Intermec's popular data collection and lockdown browser (formerly known as iBrowse) and part of Intermec Client Pack (ICP), is a lockdown Web browser created for enterprises who wish to utilize Web-based applications, but want to control their users' access to the Web.
  • Intermec Session Persistence Server (SPS)
    Intermec Session Persistence Server (SPS) »
    Losing a connection to the host application while using a terminal emulator means decreased productivity. The Intermec Session Persistence Server provides wireless session persistence for Intermec's terminal emulation products, and ensures that data and productivity are preserved when wireless connections are lost.
  • Intermec Launcher
    Intermec Launcher »
    Intermec Launcher (formerly iLaunch) is a configurable locked-down menu program that prevents end-users from accessing the start menu and other non-authorized applications.
  • HTML5 Browser
    HTML5 Browser »
    HTML5 Browser is an open platform HTML5 application environment for select Honeywell mobile computers. HTML5 Browser is free from licensing fees or licensing activation requirements and provides an easy way for developers to run cross-platform applications.

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