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Wireless Security

Imagine your home, filled with the people you love and your prized possessions. You open all the windows and unlock all the doors. Then you place a man with a bull-horn outside announcing to the world that your domain is wide open, and invite them to come on in and go through your things, any time they want. According to many industry analysts, this is essentially what you are doing by not turning on the available wireless security that comes with systems today. In fact, the biggest problem with wireless local area network (WLAN) security today is that it is not being used. The issue is not that hackers (burglars) can break security measures, but that they can walk right in and take what they want. This happens because people just plug in the access point right out of the box and don’t change the default settings. Or, users don’t understand security, become frustrated trying to set up and turn it off. For more information download the following white paper:

Wireless Security: It's Like Securing Your Home (PDF) »

WLAN security products, including MobileLAN secure 802.1x and MobileLAN secure FIPs 140, offer a complete security solution for use with MobileLAN wireless networks. The system is easy to manage and uses industry-leading RADIUS authentication processes to address the limitations of the WEP security protocol.