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Intermec Smart Printers run applications directly in the printer, interacting with users and other devices. Intermec pioneered a number of technologies to enable this advanced functionality, including:

  • C# for Printers – Our newest language, provides the greatest flexibility to create sophisticated applications that use the entire color LCD. Developers use the language and tools they already know for the most effective, efficient and economical applications.
  • Fingerprint programming language – Features commands for controlling program flow, managing files, communicating with peripherals and network resources and for interacting with users. A development environment available free from the Intermec download site simplifies Fingerprint programming, debugging and distribution.
  • Programmable display and numeric keypads – Smart Printing developers take full advantage of the front-panel display and numeric keypad. Users enter data right on the printer, in most cases eliminating the need for an attached keyboard.
  • USB host port – This is the same USB port on PCs, enabling an Intermec Smart Printer to connect to USB keyboards, scanners or other input devices. USB flash drives expand the memory capacity of the printer where necessary. To connect multiple USB devices just plug in a USB hub.
  • Alerts and messages – Intermec Smart Printers let personnel know when they need attention. For example, if thermal ribbon is running low, a message alerts someone to replace it. If a print head is failing, maintenance is notified before the problem affects label quality. By alerting proactively, Intermec Smart Printers keep production going.

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Using these and many other technologies, Intermec Smart Printers are proven to greatly increase productivity and reduce costs. To read more about the technology behind Smart Printing, request our white paper, A Guide to Smart Printing.