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Smart Printing Customer Stories

With thousands of satisfied Smart Printing customers around the world, and Intermec’s extensive network of solution partners, the application you need probably already exists.

  • Automotive Coatings Manufacturing and Labeling (video)
    Automotive Coatings Manufacturing and Labeling (video) »
    “As Transtar has grown over the past 70 years of our existence, we saw that we could not continue down the path of doing things manually... Smart Printing on our packaging line has improved productivity about 40 percent.” – Tom Gambaccini, IT Manager, Transtar Autobody Technologies.
  • Automotive Manufacturing and Serialized Labeling
    Automotive Manufacturing and Serialized Labeling »
    “We anticipate saving approximately $190,000 in the first year alone… We believe in the long term this application will provide a strategic competitive advantage in addition to making us more efficient. This solution not only helps us reduce risk of errors and save costs, but it will ultimately contribute to improved customer satisfaction." – Mike Thibideau, Chief Information Officer, Webasto 
  • Automotive Parts Manufacturing
    Automotive Parts Manufacturing »
    “If someone scans something wrong, the system sends a visual alarm that shows up on the computer monitor… When customers see that you’re taking these steps to protect them from potential defects, their eyes light up. They know that you understand what their issues are.” – Scott Stemen, Quality Manager, ThyssenKrupp Budd 
  • Consumer Products Labeling
    Consumer Products Labeling »
    “We use different models of Intermec printers throughout our manufacturing facilities for labeling. The crew we needed before… has been moved to other critical areas in the operation that needed more resources. We’re very happy…” – Darin Stanson, Operations Manager, Longaberger 
  • Fresh Food Packaging and Compliance Labeling
    Fresh Food Packaging and Compliance Labeling »
    "The system is being used in an environment where staff are often working double or even triple shifts, meaning an easy-to-use system was of the utmost importance." – Tom Lawton,  Director, Istari Systems Inc. (for New Zealand Kiwifruit )
  • High Volume Prescription Labeling
    High Volume Prescription Labeling »
    “[A Smart Printer] can be used in much more sophisticated ways than just a printer. It has the ability to turn lots of things on and off under logical control, so it can work like an industrial control as well as being a printer.” – Chuck Osisek, President, Denco Dat
  • Medical Equipment Manufacturing
    Medical Equipment Manufacturing »
    “We print hundreds of thousands of labels a year, [and]  Intermec Smart Printing has been superb and dependable for over 10 years. The solution has been extremely easy to manage, providing hands off, maintenance-free printing.” – Roger Paxton, Technician, Medtronic
  • Medical Patient Labeling and Safety
    Medical Patient Labeling and Safety »
    “Having the ability for a nurse to scan at the bedside and confirm the medication order is a huge step for patient safety.” – Margaret Clapp, Chief Pharmacy Officer
  • Packaged Food Labeling, In-Store Retail
    Packaged Food Labeling, In-Store Retail »
    "Our users don’t even have to look up and enter a price, or calculate the use-by date. Having intelligence on the printer takes all the guesswork out of the process and makes our labels more accurate." – Kathleen Williamson, Food Service Manager, RH Foster