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MEMS Laser Scanning

For all their strengths in long range 1D scanning, traditional laser scanners have always had some inherent weaknesses. The oscillating mirror that is used to move the laser beam across the bar code, for example, is a common point of failure. When the scanner is bumped or dropped, the motorized mirror assembly can easily be damaged. Over time, that motor may also simply loosen and wear down components, or the mirror may move out of alignment.

To address these drawbacks and gain additional performance benefits, Intermec worked with the internationally renowned Fraunhaufer Institute in 2005 to develop a laser scanner based on micro-electrical mechanical systems (MEMS) – a type of nanotechnology. MEMS devices combine electronic circuitry with miniaturized mechanical devices on a silicon substrate that can be smaller than a grain of sand. The miniaturization and solid state properties of the MEMS technology delivers greater durability and lower equipment failure rates than found in traditional laser scanners, making MEMS-based devices more reliable, even in the most demanding environments.

By adapting highly proven, highly reliable MEMS technology for bar code reading, MEMS-based laser scanners provide extremely fast scan rates and excellent recognition and processing of poor quality or damaged bar codes. The MEMS scan engine is also extremely compact – about the size of a sugar cube – making for a lightweight, ergonomic and power-friendly scanner.

The Intermec MEMS-based laser scan engine is available integrated within the SR61 Handheld Scanner.

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