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EX25 Near-Far Area Imaging

Until recently, laser scanners were the dominant choice for warehouse and distribution center applications, based on their ability to scan bar code labels at long range. Indeed, until now, long range (LR) and advanced long range (ALR) laser scanners were the only choice for reading bar code labels – so long as they were 1D labels – at greater-than-arms-length distance.

With the development of the Intermec EX25 Near-Far Area Imager, however, Intermec has added a powerful new long-range choice to the warehouse manager’s data capture toolkit, while simultaneously opening the door to a whole new set of capabilities.

The Intermec EX25 scan engine incorporates breakthrough auto-focus technology that enables it to read virtually any kind of bar code – not only 1D, but also all kinds of 2D codes, as well as composite and postal codes – at distances ranging from 6 inches to 50 feet, in any orientation. This flexibility and extended range enables companies to meet their current scanning needs more efficiently, consolidate their data capture needs into a single device, and apply the many benefits of area imaging across their total warehouse operations, today and in the future.

Because it’s an imager, the EX25 engine enables users to capture images suitable for proof-of-delivery and documentation of damaged, expired or unsealed goods. Its ability to read codes omni-directionally improves scanning efficiency: workers don’t need to align the scanner with the bar code to get a good read the first time.

The EX25 can also read bar codes printed on plain paper at long distances, eliminating the need for expensive retro-reflective label media. Its unique auto-focus technology ensures accurate, motion-tolerant scanning even when lighting conditions are dim or the codes to be read are damaged, obscured, or placed on high shelving.

The EX25 supports the changing demands of warehouse operations, including the increasingly rapid adoption of 2D symbologies by forward-looking companies across multiple industries. The EX25 is poised to help support the “2D Revolution” – a trend spurred in part by 2D's ability to capture more information in a smaller space, as well as by industry-specific compliance initiatives.

The Intermec EX25 Near-Far Area Imager is available integrated in the SR61ex Handheld Scanner and CK31ex Mobile Computer.

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