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Glossary of Terms

The Intermec glossary provides definitions of technical terms used to describe systems, devices, solutions and applications within the Automated Data Capture Industry.

Comparing data with known information (patterns, ranges, check digits) to verify that the data is correct.
validation file
An ASCII file that has one entry per line. A validation file is used to ensure that the information entered in the input fields of a screen mapping screen are correct. The file is read sequentially and the last line in the ASCII file must be.
variable data field
Bar code and text fields that change from one label to the next.
variable length
A type of symbology in which the number of characters per symbol is not restricted. It is the opposite of fixed length.
variable length code
A code that can be of any length within a range of lengths, commonly with a maximum length specified and frequently with a minimum length also specified.
variable length field
A data field or data element that may vary within a prescribed minimum and maximum.
Version A
Standard 12-digit UPC symbol.
Version E
Special 6-digit shortened UPC code that requires less space and uses zero suppression.
vertical bar code
A code pattern oriented so that the axis of the symbol is perpendicular to the horizon.
A method for viewing a full size terminal or reader screen with the display. You see only a limited number of lines and characters of data at one time. Use the display as a viewport to move around and see the entire screen.
virtual display
A PC-size screen (25 x 80) accessible through the reader's smaller display for applications that need to be PC compatible. You can see 16 rows and 20 characters of the virtual display at one time. By moving the viewport, you use the reader's virtual display of 25 lines by 80 characters-the same size as a PC screen.
Virtual Wedge
A Reader Services feature that lets the reader decode bar codes, making the reader functionally equivalent to a wedge reader connected to a PC.
Vehicle mount unit. A device that is designed to be mounted on a vehicle.
The absence of ink in a printed bar.
Refers to memory that is not saved when power is lost or turned off. See also nonvolatile.
A laser scanner parameter that takes more than one (low setting) or one more than low (high setting) matching scans from the same label to yield a good read. This is useful when scanning poor quality labels that may cause substitution errors. This is for laser scanning only.
VT/ANSI terminal emulation
A straight-through terminal emulation that causes Intermec downline devices running terminal emulation to emulate a VT100, VT220, and VT320, or ANSI terminal.