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  • Explore the Innovative Accessories for SF61B

    See how wearable and charging accessories make the SF61B an even more versatile scanning solution.

  • SF61B: Easily Pair to Tablets and Smartphones

    We've made sure our Bluetooth scanners are easy to pair to tablets and smartphones running Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. In this video, see how easy it is.

  • Handheld Imagers Become the New Camera of the Workplace

    Workers can use Intermec handheld imagers such as the SR61 like a camera to document exceptions, safety hazards, or damaged goods. In retail, this same technology (found in our SG20 scanner) can be used to capture customer ID cards at the point-of-sale. | Duration: 00:38

  • The Benefit of Handheld Imagers with High Motion Tolerance

    You no longer need to slow down just to get a good scan. Our high-performance scanners feature high motion tolerance, resulting in incredibly responsive scanning. See how this makes a difference. | Duration: 00:36

  • Scan Imperfect Codes with Intermec Handheld Imagers

    Our newest line of handheld imagers aren't just incredibly responsive – they can also scan imperfect codes. See how damaged, obscured, off-angle, and low-contrast codes can be scanned with ease. | Duration: 00:39