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  • Tumble Testing for Rugged Devices

    Learn how we put our rugged devices through their paces, using the tumble testing machine.

  • Smart Batteries: Better Tracking, Health, Service Life, and Management

    Intermec improves battery tracking, health, service life, and management. This helps safeguard against downtime due to battery failures, and prevents the time and expense of changing out batteries prematurely. | Duration: 1:23

  • CK3X/R Mobile Computer: Best-in-Class Battery Life

    Our new CK3X/R mobile computers feature more than twice the battery life of competing devices. | Duration: 00:27

  • CK3X/R Mobile Computer: Revolutionizing Device Management with CloneNGo

    Simplify device management and provisioning with CloneNGo, an exclusive feature of our new CK3X/R mobile computers. | Duration: 1:04

  • CK3X/R Mobile Computer: Ergonomic Design

    Our CK3X/R has been designed for maximum ergonomics, with a proven form factor that is the most compact in its class. | Duration: 00:54

  • CK3X/R Mobile Computer: Introduction

    Announcing CK3X/R: Learn about the next generation of our popular CK3 mobile computer. | Duration: 00:43

  • CK3X/R Mobile Computer: Migration Made Easy

    Learn how easy it is to migrate to CK3X/R, whether you're coming from a legacy Intermec handheld or a competing device. | Duration: 00:34

  • CK3X/R Mobile Computer: Incredible Scanning Performance

    See the powerful imaging options available in our new CK3X/R mobile computers. | Duration: 00:43