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Vodafone learns to monitor sales and distribution activities from a single centreIn 2010, Vodafone, one of the world’s largest telecoms operators, looked to streamline its Turkish sales and distribution channels with the implementation of a centralised web-based software to enable all sales and distribution activities to be monitored from a single centre. As part of this drive, they looked to connect their Turkish headquarters directly with its distribution centres, mobile phone centres, Silver dealers and sub dealers, while at the same time automating field sales operations by using in-car invoice printers and handheld mobile computers. The company looked for a single solution provider which could manage the entire project from start to finish.

They ultimately engaged with Univera, a leading software company and Intermec Platinum PartnerNet partner, to implement its "EnRoute Panorama" solution. Due to their considerable experience with projects of this magnitude, Vodafone felt confident in Univera’s project management and service capabilities.

A New Technology

Univera’s Panorama, which was developed on the basis of Microsoft’s SQL 2008 Enterprise Edition infrastructure, is entirely based on a Net Web 2.0 infrastructure and has major technological advantages, including a swift web-based application that can service thousands of users on a page at once. For example, with 1,000 users connected at any given time, Panorama’s response time can be as low as 0.8 seconds, which is 4-5 times faster than competitive solutions with response times closer to 3-4 seconds. The Panorama family’s Mobile Sales and Distribution System (MSD) module can meet all the back-office needs of a distribution company (distributor, dealer, regional depot etc.). All invoicing, ordering, dispatch, supply, current stock management and finance transactions are carried out over the MSD system.

Vodafone also chose 350 Intermec CN50 rugged handheld mobile computers to pair with Univera’s Panorama software solution. With 3G technology, the Intermec CN50s showcased high performance throughout all test stages and allowed Vodafone to seamlessly move from a system where field operations were monitored manually, to an automated one. Additionally, the CN50’s eMDI capabilities were one of the most enticing features for Vodafone, as it allowed the CN50s to scan survey forms and instantly transfer the information back to the company servers in real-time. Additionally, the CN50’s barcode reader capabilities, including the ability to read any SIM card in the field, was another feature which made the Intermec product stand apart from the competition.

The deployment covered nearly 40 Vodafone distribution centres, including approximately 350 Sales Representatives, and more than 20,000 sales points.

Vodafone also uses “Quest Panorama,” a commercial marketing solution within the Panorama family. The EnRoute and Quest Panorama products can operate separately or together on a single platform. In the Vodafone project, both products are run on a single platform supporting the activities of sales representatives in the field as well as commercial marketing activities.

To date, Vodafone has been able to take their previously manual operations to a 100 percent electronic environment, which has provided instantaneous traceability as a result.

Achieving Success

Under the new solution, Vodafone can instantaneously track and report sales, distribution and stock activities in its distribution centres throughout Turkey.

"Vodafone looked to implement a centralized, web-based software system that would connect not only the Vodafone headquarters to its distribution centres, mobile phone centres, Silver dealers and sub dealers, but also automate its field sales team using in-cab invoice printers operated via the Intermec CN50 mobile computers," said Cüneyt Ersin, Managing Director at Univera A.S. "This enabled all sales and DC activities to be monitored from a single centre."

Additionally, Vodafone also deployed Univera’s patented “Akrobat In-Car Printers” for issuing invoices directly in-car. Vodafone’s sales representatives can now collect sales data using the CN50’s barcode reader, allowing them to automatically monitor stock quantities and locations for all products. Panorama also comes equipped with special dashboard screens with flexible reporting tools, allowing sales management to make faster decisions on product inventory and location, and in turn meet increasingly competitive sales conditions.

Since deployment, Vodafone has already seen impressive results.

"Vodafone has now achieved maximum productivity in sales, distribution, logistics and supply management as a modern and pro-active commercial company," said Ersin. "By implementing an internet-based central information management system, Vodafone has adjusted their operations to that of a contemporary global company with a competitive infrastructure by utilizing mobile handheld computers and innovative Auto-ID technologies."