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"In the end, the Intermec CS40 was much smaller and faster than what we had used in the past, so the form factor was very appealing to our drivers." - Ed Ward, Network Administrator, Therapy Support

Equipped to deliver; Therapy Support saves time and improves inventory accuracyTherapy Support delivers durable medical equipment such as hospital beds, oxygen concentrators, and wheelchairs to customers throughout Missouri, Ohio, Michigan and Texas. It’s a 24/7 business, and given the urgency of medical-related orders, customers rely on the company for the utmost efficiency, accuracy and supreme customer service.

However, Therapy Support relied on a 100 percent manual paper-based process for inventory control and billing, which resulted in decreased accuracy and an inflated eight-day billing cycle. In addition, if drivers received a new order while in the field, they would have to pull over and write it down manually – a waste of the drivers’ time and efficiency.

Therapy Support needed a seamless, integrated solution that would improve overall efficiency and result in better customer service. The company found the complete solution: Brightree’s Mobile Delivery Management software mobilized by Airclic, hardware support and asset management services from Barcoding, Inc., and the Intermec CS40 rugged mobile computer.

Delivering New Technology

"Every day for us is very dynamic," said Ed Ward, Network Administrator for Therapy Support. "Our drivers leave the distribution center with their orders each morning and continue to receive additional orders throughout the day, often working long hours to get everything done."

Ward also noted that the company is on-call 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays.

"In our fast-paced business where customers rely on our equipment for serious medical needs, we needed a to implement a new technology solution that would not only offer us better visibility into our inventory, but also to streamline our overall billing operations and take some of the manual paperwork off of our plates," Ward said.

Therapy Support engaged Brightree, a leading provider of billing and business management software solutions for home medical equipment (HME)/ durable medical equipment (DME) providers, orthotics and prosthetics (O&P) practitioners, and sleep labs, to deploy a seamless mobile solution to support its on-to-go business environment.

Brightree’s Mobile Delivery Management (MDM) software, white labeled from Airclic, helps companies dramatically reduce their DSO (days sales outstanding) by ensuring that each phase of the delivery workflow is efficient and completely documented. MDM is integrated with the Brightree platform and supports a variety of mobile handheld devices.

Brightree and Airclic looped in Barcoding, a systems integrator and value-added reseller (VAR) specializing in the development, deployment, and management of supply chain and mobility systems, to help Therapy Support select a handheld computer to support the new software. After working with Barcoding to test multiple handheld options, Therapy Support ultimately chose the Intermec CS40 mobile computer for its sleek form factor and high-performance scanning capabilities.

"We tested many other products before deciding on the CS40," Ward said. "In the end, the Intermec CS40 was much smaller and faster than what we had used in the past, so the form factor was very appealing to our drivers."

Under the new system, drivers arrive to work each morning and pick up their CS40s, which have been syncing at the distribution center since the previous night. After they log in and see their morning orders, the drivers load their vehicles accordingly with the appropriate medical supplies. Once loaded, the drivers take off for their daily deliveries.

"The handhelds are mounted to the dashboards of the vehicles," Ward said. "When drivers arrive at a customer location, they instruct the customer on the use of the equipment they ordered and set it up for them. Then, they reconcile the order to the device, and the customer signs digitally on the CS40. Finally, the complete order is automatically entered into the MDM system for quick and easy billing."

Ward said that Therapy Support’s drivers can now receive new orders fluidly on their devices throughout the day. Drivers can also be located for urgent orders, allowing for faster and better route optimization. In addition, billing staff now receive order information from the field in real-time, allowing for easier tracking of order confirmations, and ultimately, better customer service.

"Once all the drivers' stops are complete, they return to headquarters, sync their devices, and head home for the evening," Ward said. "Previously, drivers would have about 30 minutes of additional manual paperwork to complete at the end of the day, which after working long hours, created errors."

Also as a result of its new solution, Therapy Support’s billing cycles have drastically been reduced from eight days under the previous system, to one day.

Keys to Success

Ward noted one of the Therapy Support's keys to a successful deployment was the extensive testing it did with a small group of six drivers. The company took its time with the deployment and made changes as it went – adapting to what worked best for the drivers.

"We spent two days per driver doing training and answering questions," Ward said. "The drivers really liked the CS40’s form factor and the fact that it eliminated them from having to carry around a cell phone and a clip board for each delivery." Furthermore, Barcoding’s hands-on approach to support services has made Therapy Support feel at ease.

"The Brightree, Airclic and Barcoding bundle of software, services and asset management of our Intermec CS40s has offered us a shrinkwrapped solution so we don’t have to worry about the minor details," Ward said. "The support we've received on this deployment has been incredible and we’ve already seen the value proposition come to life."

In the Future

As a result of the deployment, Ward noted that the company has greatly streamlined inventory management, billing, dispatch and more. In the future, Ward said that Therapy Supports hopes to take the technology to the next level.

"We’re working toward routing software to aid the dispatchers in making the most timesensitive dispatching," Ward said. "But until then, we’re pleased the improved customer service we’re now able to offer our customers as a result of faster, more efficient operations."