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OEM News - Volume 4, Issue 1, 2012

OEM News, by Warren Rainer

QR Code Barcodes

QR Code Barcodes have become the latest thing. It is hard to miss the irony of QR codes now being the latest thing in advertising, links to the Net, and other interesting applications. It was only a few short years ago that industry pundits were predicting the rise of RFID and the end of the Barcode.

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Warren Rainer
Director of Sales, OEM
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Andy's Tips!

We have all seen someone scan a QR code with their cell phone. However, an increasing number of our customers have requested to read bar codes off of cell phones. There are a growing number of applications where you will receive a bar code to your cell phone that will act as your ticket to a sporting event, a customer loyalty card, electronic coupon or even a receipt. These applications are growing fast and reading these bar codes off a screen of our mobile phones presents some interesting challenges.

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Andy Reynolds
Global Systems Consultant
Phone: 425-348-2839
Cell: 206-321-3266
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Meet the Partners

Systron Technologies Co., Ltd

Intermec Technologies utilizes select partners to help provide fulfillment of the sale of our engines into specific markets, specialty applications and smaller volume requirements. Intermec is proud to introduce our newest OEM Partner, Systron Technologies Co., Ltd. Systron Technologies Co., Ltd. is a national leading integrator of enterprise executive systems. Systron, based on creative ideologies and advanced management methodology, deployed through professional services by using the latest barcode/RFID, wireless network and mobile computing technology, helps enterprises in the entire supply chain to successfully achieve the right goal through the right methods on the right time and further helps the enterprises to run in outstanding conditions.

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OEM Sales Team

Meet the Other Members of the OEM Sales Team

Takaharu Moridaira

Takaharu Moridaira
OEM Sales Manager - APAC
Phone: +81-3-3770-5754
Cell: +81-90-9975-8062
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Mark Timms
OEM Sales Manager - Americas
Phone: 972-867-6396
Cell: 214-668-6252
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Joyce Yu
OEM Sales Manager - Taiwan
Phone: +886-2-2836-2160
Cell: +886-936-934-366
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Miguel Martin
OEM Sales Manager - EMEA
Phone: +34-91-806-02-19
Cell: +34-680-99-36-41
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Chris Jones
OEM Sales Manager – Americas
Phone: 425-348-2653
Cell: 206-650-5402
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Peter Wang
Systems Support Engineer - APAC
Tel: +886-2-2283-8179
Cell: +886-918-767-713
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Walt Clark
Systems Support Engineer –US/EMEA
Phone: 425-348-2703
Cell: 425-864-4455
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Monica Chandler
Customer Support Specialist
Phone: 425-265-2159
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