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OEM News - Volume 2, Issue 1, 2010

OEM News, by Warren Rainer

2D Thunder!

I think we can say that we are all glad to have 2009 in the rear view mirror. I know I speak for all of the OEM team to express our appreciation for your business and continued support through some difficult months.

As business activity continues to slowly improve in 2010 we continue to see the march of 2D into the marketplace. What was once a steady drum beat for 2D is starting to turn into rolling thunder. We are constantly intrigued and impressed by the many ingenious scanning applications that our many OEM customers are involved in and creating! What was once a way to scan more dense barcodes has now proven to be a versatile technology in the capture, processing and analysis of complex visual images. Some of the Intermec OEM partners are working in various applications that require image analysis, image correlation and pixel processing. This new frontier is opening up new opportunities to provide customers with serious business solutions that, in the future, will transform the way we think about “Data Capture”. One of our partners is able to sell almost 50% of their scan engines into “non” barcode applications. Intermec is using an application called eMDI in some of its terminals and that is just one example of the new frontiers of image processing.

We are also seeing the growing use of cell phones as a barcode medium instead of paper labels. With this type of technology an entire new arena of applications are possible in access control, ticketing, coupons and more. In Germany, Lufthansa Airlines' boarding pass application is another example of this.

View the Boarding Pass Application »

This application is also being used for helping shoppers find products, price check and apply discounts, loyalty programs and coupons. We expect this type of application will grow as it offers convenience and mobility for the consumer and targeted marketing investment by the suppliers.

Many other partners and suppliers are also developing other image processing applications for various market needs. We look forward to discussing your next project requiring either 1D or 2D scanning, our team is anxious to assist your team. Best wishes for a strong 2010 and beyond.

Warren Rainer
Director of Sales, OEM
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Intermec News

Intermec finished 2009 on a high note

Intermec finished 2009 on a high note of improving sales, margins and new product launches. Fourth quarter 2009 revenues were $179.1 million and net earnings from continuing operations were $6.0 million, or $0.10 per diluted share, compared to 2008 fourth quarter revenues of $221.5 million and net earnings from continuing operations of $9.3 million, or $0.15 per diluted share. "Intermec delivered sequential growth with fourth quarter revenue and earnings above our guidance," said Patrick J. Byrne, Intermec President and CEO, "With our lowered break-even point, new products and expanded channel we are well positioned for the market recovery."

Operating profits from continuing operations for the fourth quarter of 2009 were $7.3 million, or 4.1% of total revenue compared with $7.6 million, or 3.4% of total revenue, in the fourth quarter of 2008. Excluding the impact of restructuring charges the non-GAAP adjusted operating profits from continuing operations were $9.3 million, or 5.2% of total revenue compared with $10.0 million, or 4.5% of total revenue, in the fourth quarter of 2008. Full year 2009 revenues were $658.2 million and net loss from continuing operations was ($10.9) million or ($0.17) per diluted share. Full year 2009 results included pre-tax restructuring charges of $20.6 million or $0.22 per diluted share compared to Full year 2008 revenues were $890.9 million and net earnings from continuing operations were $35.7 million, or $0.58 per diluted share. Full year 2008 results included pre-tax restructuring charges of $5.7 million or $0.06 per diluted share.

Andy's Tips

The next level of 2D Imagers

As you have heard from Warren, 2D bar codes are really becoming more common place in the market. We have seen their use grow from higher information density to a solution in tracking individual items, in access control in travel industry, and now are showing up in retail in the form of coupons, labels on fruit, and manufacturing information in pharmaceutical packaging. Our customers recognize that users who will be purchasing bar codes equipment today must be able to read 2D codes. Devices that only read 1D bar codes do not protect the customers’ investment in the 2D (r)evolution.

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Best Regards,

Andy Reynolds
Global Systems Consultant
Phone: 425-348-2839
Cell: 206-321-3266
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Meet the Partners

Nomadvance partners with OEM in France

Intermec utilizes select partners to help provide fulfillment of the sale of our engines into specific markets, specialty applications and smaller volume requirements. One such partner is Nomadvance, located in Dardilly, France.

Nomadvance is a turn-key system integrator implementing auto-ID, traceability and mobile solutions both inside and outside the company. With 115 employees, Nomadvance offers knowledge and experience in auto identification, voice recognition, wireless networks implementation, remote supervision and administration of handheld terminals. Nomadvance group also includes an agency in Antwerp, Belgium (Nomadvance Benelux) along with two mobile software applications subsidiaries: Softogo, a developer of middleware dedicated to the functional optimization of PDA, and Logutil a developer of mobility software packages for diverse applications (sales, maintenance and transport). Nomadvance has over 7000 customers in various sectors such as transportation & logistics, manufacturing, pharmacy, distribution/retail, services and food industry.

Nomadvance provides great expertise and skills about Intermec OEM Scan Engines to the healthcare market with customers such as Cebia, Stago, and Noviloire. The company has developed a technical team knowledgeable on OEM Scan Engines and is now focused on addressing new markets and applications.

OEM Sales Team

Meet the other members of the OEM Sales Team

Takaharu Moridaira

Takaharu Moridaira
OEM Sales Manager - APAC
Phone: +81-3-3770-5754
Cell: +81-90-9975-8062
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Mark Timms
OEM Sales Manager - Americas
Phone: 972-867-6396
Cell: 214-668-6252
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Joyce Yu
OEM Sales Manager - Taiwan
Phone: +886-2-2836-2160
Cell: +886-936-934-366
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Miguel Martin
OEM Sales Manager - EMEA
Phone: +34-91-806-02-19
Cell: +34-680-99-36-41
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Ken Mott
OEM Systems Engineer
Phone: 425-348-2630
Cell: 425-263-6004
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Monica Chandler
Customer Support Specialist
Phone: 425-265-2159
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