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OEM News - Volume 1, Issue 1, 2009

OEM News with Warren Rainer

Light at the end of the tunnel

Welcome to the Q4 Intermec OEM newsletter! I hope you enjoy the new format and find it helpful in accessing the OEM articles. I know many of you had a chance to take some time away from work to enjoy the warm days of summer. I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing holiday season. As we head into the end of 2009 we at OEM look forward to seeing you again in 2010 and working to help you succeed in your data capture projects.

Like many of you we continue to patiently keep our eye on the global economy as it struggles through 2009. Although business has been weak compared to past years we are encouraged by the strong continued investment by Research and Development departments from almost all of our OEM customers. At Intermec, we too continue our strong investment in new products and technologies. In spite of the many challenges of 2009 we have been excited to introduce the EA20x scan engine and are looking forward to demonstrating the new EA21 to you in the near future.

The EA21 is a Megapixel scan engine that has been designed to provide all the robust scanning you have come to expect from Intermec as well as the ability to add professional document capture to your scanning devices. Intermec is not just adding a Megapixel sensor for the document capture feature; we will also be offering an optional software package that will provide exceptional document capture capabilities. Of course this new engine will not only provide a range of new features but will also be part of the overall Intermec family that you have come to depend upon for maximizing your engineering investment and your product offerings. Be sure to contact your Regional OEM Account Manager for more information.

I would also like to extend a special thank you to Cedric Mollon who has managed our EMEA OEM business for the past several years. Cedric has been a tireless advocate for his customers in Europe and has been a vital part of our OEM sales team. Fortunately for Intermec Cedric remains with Intermec and has accepted a new challenge as the Data Capture Product Manager based in Toulouse, France. We wish Cedric all the best in his new role and look forward to working with him in the development of the very best in new engine technology in the future. Cedric's position as EMEA OEM Account Manager has been filled by Miguel Martin. Miguel has already been in contact with many EMEA customers and will be sure to be touch with all of you in EMEA shortly. Please see Miguel's bio below.

Thank You,

Warren Rainer
Director of Sales, OEM
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Intermec News

Positioned well for market recovery

Intermec finished the Third quarter with top line revenues of $159,000,000 and Net Earnings of $100,000. Although the company had a year to year decline, revenue was in line with company projections and in line with expectations. Earnings however were better than expected as the company has executed well on cost cutting initiatives throughout the year. The year to year revenue decline was also in line with overall global economic conditions as well as the ADIC industry in general. The company continues to carry no long term debt and maintains a reserve of cash and cash equivalents of $239,000,000. This includes continued positive cash flow of $18,000,000 during the quarter.

Although the economy remains challenging, Intermec has met that challenge with aggressive cost containment and cost controls while maintaining a competitive level of R&D investment in leading ADIC technologies.

View the Q3 Financial Statements »

Andy's Tips

EA21's impressive features

Warren introduced the EA21 as our latest area imager in our family of engines; I will spend a little more time pointing out some of the impressive features. A few of the key features are a wide field of view, mega pixel resolution, and laser framed aiming system. The optics in EA21 provides a 48° horizontal and 31° vertical viewing angle. This is the largest area imager field of view in the industry. A large viewing angle makes image capture faster and more reliable as long as you have the resolution. EA21 has the resolution. With a mega pixel sensor, the EA21 provides the resolution across a wide field of view to handle the challenge of capturing invoices in mobile terminals to lottery tickets in fixed mounted applications. In order to emphasize the field of view, we provide a laser framer to provide the user an intuitive area aiming system that will allow customers to quickly align the edges of their document with the limits of an area imager.

This is not where we have stopped, we provide a series of image quality checks in software with notices back to the user, that allow any user to get the best quality image with each snapshot. However, sometimes that may not be enough. We have integrated in contrast and lighting enhancement software to improve the image even further. We can even correct for the angle the user takes the image. If user takes the picture of the image at a 30° angle, the software can correct for the viewing angle so image looks like it was taken looking straight down. Making these corrections allows the user to save the highest quality images for further reference and processing.

I continue to be impressed with our engineers' imagination and innovation. To see the EA21 in action, please contact your Intermec OEM Account Manager.

Best Regards,

Andy Reynolds
Global Systems Consultant
Phone: 425-348-2839
Cell: 206-321-3266
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Introducing Miguel Martin

Miguel joins the OEM Sales Team at Intermec

The OEM Sales Team is pleased to announce that Miguel Martin has joined the OEM Sales team as an Account Manager in Europe. Miguel is based out of Madrid, Spain and will be managing all European accounts.

Miguel was born in Madrid and he received his degree as Engineering in Computer Science in the Madrid's Polytechnic University. Miguel began his professional career at Intermec Spain as Strategic Account Manager in March 2003. During the last four years, Miguel has been working in Intermec as EMEA Business Development Manager for Consumer Goods. Before joining Intermec Miguel was working for Software AG Spain as Managing Director of the E_Business division.

Miguel's technical background and experience in sales is a natural fit for Intermec's line of high performance OEM solutions. We are very excited to have Miguel on board to provide personal service to our EMEA customers. Please join us in welcoming Miguel to the OEM Sales Team and in wishing him success in his new role.

Miguel's Contact Information:

Miguel Martin
OEM Sales Manager - EMEA
Phone: +34-91-806-02-19
Cell: +34-680-99-36-41
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Meet the Partners

SilenceNet parters with OEM in Japan

Intermec utilizes select partners to help provide fulfillment of the sale of our engines into specific markets, specialty applications and smaller volume requirements. One such partner is SilenceNet, located in Yokohama, Japan. SilenceNet distributes Intermec OEM products in the Japanese market. Their mission is to supply the latest information about Intermec OEM Scan Engines to the market; provide technical support on embedded applications for the customers to fulfilling any needs; and to supply the products in accordance with each customer's SCM system.

SilenceNet operates an Auto-ID products distribution business which was taken over from Panasonic in January 2003. In 1974, Panasonic agreed with Intermec on the distribution of barcode printers and readers into the Japanese market, which was the first introduction of Auto-ID technology and the products to Japan. At that time, there was no barcode culture or any customers in Japan, other than US Army Camps. Now in Japan, SilenceNet is keeping a unique position as an Auto-ID product vendor having a strong support capability for fixed scanner products and the embedded engines. The major customers are manufacturers of clinical chemistry systems, IT products, automobiles, document handling equipments and logistics providers. Recently, 2D applications are expanding in the marketplace and it has required higher level of the technical support. Japan is a unique market on 2D application because the most popular 2D symbol is QR Code and high read quality for QR Code is inquired with the highest priority at most of the projects.

Learn More About SilenceNet »

Intermec Partners with Schenker Logistics

Implementing a new shipping strategy

Intermec will be implementing a new shipping strategy that will provide you more effective and better delivery service than has previously been possible. Intermec will be partnering with Schenker Logistics to provide world class product shipments from two strategically located supply depots; San Francisco and Singapore. Intermec OEM will send out detailed information soon. If you have any questions, please contact Monica Chandler.

OEM Sales Team

Meet the other members of the OEM Sales Team

Takaharu Moridaira
OEM Sales Manager - APAC
Phone: +81-3-3770-5754
Cell: +81-90-9975-8062
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Mark Timms
OEM Sales Manager - Americas
Phone: 972-867-6396
Cell: 214-668-6252
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Joyce Yu
OEM Sales Manager - Taiwan
Phone: +886-2-2836-2160
Cell: +886-936-934-366
Send Joyce an Email »

Ken Mott
OEM Systems Engineer
Phone: 425-348-2630
Cell: 425-263-6004
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Monica Chandler
Customer Support Specialist
Phone: 425-265-2159
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